Platt Electric Supply

191 Airport Road

Rexburg, ID 83440


Platt Electric Supply was founded on August 10, 1953. In the beginning, the company consisted of four salesmen and a kitchen phone. Plywood orange crates made up the furniture, and an old Ford panel truck promptly delivered whatever could be sold; wire, panel gear, blenders, or flashbulbs. The first president/salesman was Morrie Platt, a former truck driver and delivery boy for the Dorenbecher Furniture Company. Morrie quickly became a salesman for that company when he brought back orders for more goods than he delivered. One of the most difficult problems for Platt salesmen back then was the task of buying the products that they had already sold. Local competition put pressure on factories to “freeze” Platt out of business. Another problem was credit. What bank was going to lend large amounts of money to a newcomer in a business that was already saturated? Nonetheless, Platt grew and prospered through hard work and mutual support. Everyone did everything. Salesmen swept floors, shipping clerks answered phones and truck drivers sold products. The goal was always to get the order. Platt was first and foremost a sales company, before merchandising was taught in schools; Platt displayed new products and “floor specials” throughout the store. When old established products were not available, Platt salespeople pioneered new innovative products, as good as or better than the old, which often resulted in a savings to the customer. No one at Platt ever said that product wasn’t available, even though it sometime took great ingenuity to find and buy it. The goal was extraordinary customer service and it worked. In 1956, Platt moved to 1305 NW Davis, Beaverton, Oregon, and within two years had expanded into two adjoining buildings. The Seattle warehouse opened in 1965, followed by branches in Longview, Salem, Olympia, Kennewick, and Tacoma. Expansion into Idaho, California, Montana, Nevada, and Utah soon followed. Today, Platt operates in seven western states and continues to grow as the leading independent electrical wholesaler in the West. The roots of the company, established in the summer of 1953, are the same today as they were then. Every member of the team has had to, and must continue to, work without limitation and without hesitation. It is this unceasing desire to excel that has been the driving force behind our success and will continue to ensure our future growth. This understanding of our past directs us to work hard, serve the customer well, and continue to grow.

Jason Evans serves as the branch manager of Platt in Rexburg and has been with the company 15 years.  His team is from the local area and have many roots in Rexburg.  They opened the branch back in 2005 and they have been involved in the community ever since.  They cannot thank their customers and the community enough for all they do for them and Platt.