Washington Federal

80 North 2nd East

Rexburg, ID 83440


Washington Federal is located at 80 North 2nd East in Rexburg and corporately headquartered out of Seattle, WA. It currently operates in eight western states with over 230 branches. The company recently celebrated their 100th birthday April 24th, 2017.

Washington Federal acquired First Federal Bank in Rexburg in the late 1980’s. The bank has evolved from a savings institution to a full service bank that offers a full array of products and services. They specialize in all-in-one custom construction loans as well as residential loans. Because they are a portfolio lender, they do not sell their loans to other financial institutions, allowing them to build long-term relationships with their clients.

They also offer a variety of checking and savings accounts, home equity lines of credit, as well as ag and commercial loans.

Washing Federal still believes in old-fashioned customer service with an emphasis on the human touch.