Founded in 1888 as Bannock Stake Academy, Ricks College became Brigham Young University-Idaho in August 2001. BYU-Idaho is affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The university is situated on a beautiful hillside campus of more than 250 acres with 27 major buildings and residence halls. Enrollment has increased to 21,672 as of Winter 2017.

BYU-Idaho operates on an expanded year-round basis to allow more students the opportunity to attend. This creative academic calendar revolves around a three-semester system – Fall, Winter, and Spring. Qualified students are admitted to one of three track options – Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring, or Spring/Fall.

The university’s unprecedented Student Activities Program meets the needs and interests of a broad and diverse student body. Within it, students are participants not just spectators. Innovative programs help students develop character and enhance leadership skills as they teach, coach, and mentor one another.

Integrated bachelor’s degrees are a unique feature to BYU-Idaho, giving a broader spectrum of educational experience. These degrees require a maximum of 45 credit hours in the major area of study with the remainder of the credits being tailored to the student’s specific postgraduate intentions and interests. By linking creative curriculum, other areas of study, and internships, these degrees provide unique educational opportunities and greater marketability in the workplace. During the first year integrated degrees are offered in accounting, English, history, and recreation education.

Facilities include:

  • 15,000-seat auditorium and multi-purpose area with 10 full basketball courts
  • An assembly hall with seating for 1,625 including a chapel seating 475
  • 700-seat acoustically renowned concert hall
  • 540-seat theater with revolving stage and orchestra pit
  • Chair and bleacher seating for up to 4,500 in the auditorium/athletic facility
  • 5,000-seat football, track & field stadium
  • 960-seat auditorium/performing center
  • 60-seat planetarium
  • Horticulture Research and Demonstration Gardens
  • Arboretum (under development) south of campus
  • KBYI-FM, a 100,000 watt noncommercial classical radio station


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