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Business of the Month- Kiwi Loco- September 2014

Rexburg’s first frozen yogurt shop opened May 5th, 2011. Since then, Kiwi Loco has provided yogurt, your way! Simply pick your bowl, choose from our ever-changing delicious flavors, and top it with one or more of our 50+ fresh fruit, nut and candy toppings (even syrups and hot fudge!). Then weigh it and pay just […]

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Small Business Saturday in Rexburg will be Saturday, December 6th, 2014. All Small Businesses in Rexburg are encouraged to have special promotions for local customers, maybe a big promotion item to draw people in, perhaps Christmas trivia questions for customers to win a prize, you could offer special coupons for that day and you may […]

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Business of the Month- Rexburg Motor Sports- June 2014

Rexburg Motor Sports is an International Harvester farm equipment store turned motorsports dealership born in 1996. Now offering the nine major power-sport lines in one location, Rexburg Motor Sports has everything you need to RIDE under one roof. You choose where you like to ride and we help you get there with the best motorcycles, […]

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Free 2014 Air Show

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The Four County Survey

Please take a moment to complete this survey about housing in our region. As you know, we are poised for some serious growth in Rexburg and Madison County, and we need this information to keep our families housed and our economy humming. The survey is completely confidential, and participants can 1 of 5 $100 gift […]

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Business of the Month- The Cable Factory- May 2014

The Cable Factory offers the joy of wakeboarding without the need of a boat, as the cable brings you across the water at a speed of your choosing. It is designed for beginners and the most advanced riders in mind. They have two overhead cable systems. One is a beginner course of […]

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2014 Rexburg Easter Egg Hunt

The Rexburg Easter Egg Hunt was a spectacular event this past weekend with approximately three thousand people.  There were many activities for both children and adults.

The Easter Bunny made a grand entrance as he came in on a Fire Engine for the children.  There was 11,000 eggs stuffed with candy and certificates for free gifts.  […]

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Spirit of Enterprise Award

Congressman Simpson receiving the Spirit of Enterprise Award from Frank Vandersloot and Rob Engstrom (US Chamber of Commerce) accompanied by Donna Benfield (Rexburg Chamber) and Michelle Holt (Idaho Falls Chamber).

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September 2013 Business of the Month

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Legislative Tour Agenda

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