THEME: Education-The Foundation of Freedom

Grand Marshals for 2012 are:  Teachers

In a continual effort to increase the quality and energy of the Independence Day parade, certain standards

are in place to ensure patriotic and /or entertaining entries.  Time and thoughtfulness are key

to achieving these goals.  Participants should ask themselves this question:

 “Will my participation entertain or convey patriotism to the crowd?”

 PARADE TIME 10:00 A.M. Starts at Smith Park & ends in Porter Park

Wednesday, JULY 4, 2012


CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OFFICE at 127 East Main St., Rexburg BY WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2012

            General Procedures and Safety Rules:

  1. Decision of Committee: The Independence Day parade committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry, which fails to achieve stated goals. If you do not hear from the parade committee, you may assume your entry has been accepted.
  2. Parade assignment: Call the Chamber or someone on the parade committee July 2nd to get your assigned position near Smith Park.
  3. Floats:  shall not exceed 14 feet in height.  This allows for all entries to clear any obstacles such as wires, trees, etc
  4. Commercialization: Sponsors should avoid over commercialization.  Any commercial message should be a minor part of the presentation and to the entertainment and/or patriotic value.
  5. Vehicles: Miscellaneous “stand alone” vehicles will not be allowed.  Vehicles must be incidental to the entry.  For example:  towing a float, carrying relevant band equipment or vehicles which in themselves are unusual and of special interest such as vintage or antique.
  6. Riders: On any float or entry are not to jump on and off the entry during the parade.
  7. Out walkers: Clowns and other costumed out walkers are highly encouraged to add energy and originality to the parade as they engage the crowd. Vendors walking the route or stationery need an application.
  8. Campaigning: Individuals campaigning for the up-coming election are welcome to participate as all other entries, with floats, entertainment or patriotism. Those involved are encouraged to actively mingle with the crowd following the parade at Porter Park.
  9. Throwing of Candy and Favors: If you are going to throw candy and/or favors during the parade, you must provide two people, one on each side of the vehicle or float, to keep children back behind the bike lane (4 people, two on each side, if your entry is more than two axles). The items must be thrown all the way into the bike lane and not in the roadway. This will prevent the little children from running into the road to pick up the candy and/or favors. We must avoid putting them in danger of being hit by a vehicle including a truck, car, horse, bicycle, float or ATV.
  10. Weaving on street: For your safety and the safety of the public, moving vehicles are not to move from side to side more than 100 feet (i.e. 4-wheelers, bicycles, etc.).
  11. Clean Up:  Please be considerate and clean up any discarded refuse/manure caused by your entry.
  12. Indemnification: All participants assume all risks associated with participating in the parade and agree to indemnify the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce for any damage, injury, or claims occurring due to participants’ participation.

For questions or concerns call the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce

 at 356-5700      


                                                        VIOLATION OF THE SAFETY RULES MAY RESULT IN REMOVAL





                                                       Signature of authorized person


Name or Sponsor:  _______________________________________________________________________________


Phone:  __________________ Address:  _____________________________________________________________

Contact Person:  _____________________ Phone:  ____________ Address:  _______________________________

Do you wish to be judged:  *Yes _______                No _______

*Participants wishing to have their entry judged should be in parade order by 8:00am.  Entries will be judged while in order.



Entry Form Page II

PARADE ENTRY FORM – 2012…Continued



Type of Entry:              Drill Team _______                               Antique _______

                                                                Band         _______                                Novelty  _______

                                                                Posse       _______                                Clown     _______

                                                Horse’s     _______                                Bicycle   _______

                                                                Float         _______                                Political  _______

                                                                Royalty     _______                                Other      _______




Please write a 2-3-sentence description of your entry so the D.J. can announce you.







                Will your float / group have a speaker system, music, loud generator, etc?  If yes, please specify.






                Special request:  ________________________________________________________________________________





We, __________________________________________have agreed to participate in the annual Independence Day

                                  (Name of organization or group)

                Parade to be held in Rexburg, Idaho and scheduled for Wednesday, July 4, 2012.  We will comply with all parade

regulations.  We / I have read, understand and will comply with the General Procedures and Standards listed on this application.





                Signature of authorized person


                Your EMAIL Address____________________________________________________________________


I am aware of the risks and hazards associated in preparation and participation in the Independence Day Parade. 

I hereby release and waive the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce from any claim of any kind arising out of this participation in and / or any other activity associated with the Independence Day Parade which is being held in Rexburg, Idaho on Wednesday, July 4, 2012.





                Signature of authorized person