Madison High School Philosophy

The United States of America has identified its public schools as “Comprehensive”; meeting all the needs of all students and preparing them for college and/or vocations. Within available resources, Madison High School is comprehensive and exists for the purpose of educating the young men and women of this community. We subscribe to the belief that all students should be provided with a stimulating environment and with learning experiences that promote success rather than failure. We promote a curriculum that fosters the intellectual, social, emotional, moral, and physical growth necessary for students to develop a healthy self image, become a productive member of society and to have a balance in life. This basic underlying philosophy, which is subject to funding, is reflected in Madison High School.

Students have access to 10,000 books, 25 magazine subscriptions, 2 Magazine Databases (EBSCO Magazines, and InfoTrac Magazines), three newspapers (USA Today, The Post Register, and The Standard Journal), 38 computers with access to the Internet, and World Book Encyclopedia Online at the Madison Library.

Madison High School
2300 University Blvd
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