The city of Rexburg, located in the Southeast corner of Idaho, has a population of over 27,000. At an elevation of 4,865 feet, Rexburg has cold winters and warm summers.

Rexburg covers just over 5 square miles. Fertile farmland and rich green acreage surround the city.

Rexburg is home to a university student population of over 13,000 most of the year.

Average temperatures in Rexburg during January are 27.6 degrees (high) and 10.0 degrees (low). During July, the hottest month, average temperatures range from a high of 83.4 degrees to 49.9 degrees at night.

Average precipitation during June, the wettest month, is 1.77 inches, and .77 inches in August. Annual precipitation including melted snow is 13.77 inches. Annual snowfall is about 66 inches.

Economic Overview
The area’s major industry is Agriculture with grain, hay, and potatoes as the chief crops. Although the economy of the area revolves primarily around Agriculture, other industries such as Construction, Trade, and Services have had a significant effect on the area’s economy. The Trade industry employs an average of about 3,800 persons in 300 business establishments. The Island Park and Teton Basin area, adjacent to Yellowstone Park on the east, are major tourist attractions with 35 resorts, lodges, inns, and dude ranches. The area has three potato processing plants that operate nine to ten months each year. There are also 11 fresh market potato warehouses.