Hundreds of Rexburg residents gathered at Smith Park on Jan. 23, for the city’s annual snowfest. The residents of the city didn’t seem to mind the sunshine, as they partook in the games.

Winter Activities and games include snow bowling, sledding, ice skating, bonfire, ice sculptures, snowman bowling and a polar bear swim. Probably the most anticipated was the annual Polar Bear Plunge. It’s an event where men, women and children can all test their bravery against one of nature’s most extreme conditions.

Bob Yeatman, the recreational director or Rexburg estimated the temperature of the water to be about 40 degrees and the air temperature was at 27 degrees. There were about thirty people who partook in the polar plunge. After making the splash, the participants made their way to the hot tub and earned themselves a polar bear hat.

Even though there was less snow than in past years, those who came out still found ways to make the most of it. The directors of this event said they are already planning for next year.