Benefits of Membership


  • TOURISM – Tourism recruitment and information services are designed to keep visitors in our area and increase the new dollars available to Rexburg’s economy.  We advertise, send out area information to other visitor centers, and plan events that bring people in from all over the country and, well actually, all over the world!
  • INQUIRIES – As a chamber we receive thousands of inquires a year asking about businesses and services here in Rexburg. As a member, you are the first recommendations that we send out. Our inquires are sent by e-mail, mail and of course over the phone.
  • DISCOUNTED EVENT RATES – You may attend and reserve your booths at a discount as a member.  These events are attended by thousands of people and are a great way to let others know about your business and service.
  • CHAMBER WEBSITE – The Chamber’s new website includes information about future events, new businesses, legal/legislative updates, ribbon-cutting pictures and more.
  • FORUM SPOTLIGHT – You will be the featured guest in a 3-5 minute “spotlight” in one of our monthly Chamber Forums.
  • RIBBON CUTTINGS – The Chamber will sponsor a ribbon cutting for your business and will invite the media, the board, and the Mayor to attend.


  • FORUMS AND SEMINARS – The Chamber holds seminars and forums on issues that face us as a community and as business owners.  As a member you will receive a weekly e-mail informing you of important events going on in the Rexburg area.  Attending our forums is where you can get to know other business owners, and professionals, as well as learn what is going on in or community so you are aware of changes and challenges, and opportunities you may want to know about as a business.
  • LEGISLATIVE ADVOCACY AND INFORMATION – The office keeps a file of pending legislation and how it may affect your business. We also e-mail this information out to members so they are kept updated.
  • TAXES – Your membership dues are a business expense and are tax deductible. You will receive a full color membership shield to place on your door or window to acknowledge Chamber membership and participation.