“As Superintendent, (of the Madison School District), I fully support the Chamber of Commerce as I see a mutually beneficial relationship between business and public education. Over the years, the Chamber has been a steadfast partner in providing tremendous financial support to the school district and opportunities for children. The Chamber works tirelessly not only to promote Rexburg, but also as an advocate for Madison School District 321. I am pleased with the association between the Chamber and district and look forward to even greater cooperation in the future.”
Dr. Geoffrey M. Thomas, Madison School District
“The Standard Journal benefits greatly from our relationship with the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce. The assistance they lend to our vibrant business community to grow and prosper helps the Standard Journal as we work with the businesses on a daily basis. In return we are happy to support the many activities the chamber puts together for this area.”
Kristy J. Geisler, Publisher - Standard Journal
“Through the forums I have also become acquainted with people and businesses I would not normally have met. Second, by participating in the Ribbon Cutting ceremonies I get to know the new businesses in town. That has been helpful both professionally and personally. Third, by serving on the chamber board and by helping staff chamber events I have become good friends with many business and political leaders in the community who also work behind the scenes at chamber events. Working with the chamber has been personally fulfilling for me.”
Joseph West, BYU-I