Welcome to the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce!


There is no place I would rather be than Southeast Idaho. I moved to Rexburg 35 years ago and have always enjoyed the beautiful landscapes and wonderful community that this part of the state has to offer. At the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce, we have a commitment to our members to promote, educate, and advocate for their businesses.

The Chamber promotes business, tourism for East Idaho, and the ideals of the Chamber. Through hosting ribbon cuttings, sending out weekly updates and news through email, and the production of monthly events, we provide many opportunities for our members to participate in the promotion of one another’s businesses. We try to represent our members in all aspects of the community and beyond.

The Rexburg Chamber works to continually educate its members. Forums are extremely valuable. They are a chance for members to network and share ideas, as well as to obtain pertinent information for the area. It has been fun to watch information be dispensed and then used by different businesses in Rexburg. This shows me that they have learned and applied the principles from our forums.

Lastly, we advocate for our members. Not only in January, when we meet with the state legislature, but throughout the entire year. We advocate for their desires so that we can help to get them to get where they want to be.

My goal is to provide a visible benefit to being a member of the Rexburg Chamber. Our main purpose is to serve our members. This is not about me or about you- this is about what we, the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce and you, can accomplish together. From the smallest business to the largest company, we all must work together to help and support our cities economy.

The Rexburg Chamber currently has over 260 members and is continuing to grow each day. If you are a business owner, I want you to know that we will work hard for you.

Welcome to Rexburg!

Christopher Mann, CEO/President
Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce

Call 208-356-5700 or e-mail info@rexburgchamber.com