The Red C is coming!  The Red C is coming!

That’s right, the Red C Company will be opening a gallery here in Rexburg, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to be held on November 15 at 11:30 am.  There will be games, prizes, music, artwork, and a really big pair of scissors!

The Red C was formed when the owner, Bryun Lemon, made a suggestion to his boss at a previous gallery he worked at, only to be told that the idea was too silly.  After listening to the boss talk about how a gallery needed to be serious and refined, Bryun knew it was time to move on.

And with that notion (and a few decades working in the art industry), the Lemons moved to Rexburg, found a spot located at 12 WEST MAIN STREET #5, rebuilt the shop and started getting ready for a gallery formed on the premise of fun rather than stuffy and serious.  The Red C Gallery was formed when those things the Lemons were passionate about were combined into a single shop.  The art, the games, the fun, the contests (good contests, not the lame “$10-off-coupon-if-you’re-lucky-enough-to-be-chosen-and-you’re-still-here-to-claim-the-prize-when-we-call-your-name-and-are-willing-to-spend-your-life-savings-to-activate-the-coupon” prizes), and the family.

And that’s the final element that was added to the Red C – the family.  Everything at the Red C is something you would be proud to show your family.  We won’t carry anything that is questionable or off-color for your children, your parents, your friends or associates.  That doesn’t mean everything is religious, per se, only that the items we sell are meant to build up rather than tear down. It’s a clean store and you can feel it when you walk in.

So come see how to combine fun, uplifting activities, great contests, super prizes, and (for the ribbon-cutting at least) amazing refreshments into one place.

It’s the Red C, and it’s coming to Rexburg!